Three Things, Vol. 3

Hey there, I’ve been a major slouch with getting Volume 3 out. I’ve had some interesting times lately, but the delay is mostly because I’m a procrastinator extraordinaire. The 80/20 rule is easier to preach than practice… Apropos of keeping up with this newsletter, a helpful tip from productivity expert Tim Ferriss: when starting a […]

On my Vipassana Course

I did a 10-day Vipassana silent meditation retreat from November 7-18, 2018. Here are some thoughts regarding the experience. Background re: Meditation: First, I’ve been meditating on and off for the past four years, ever since I heard about Headspace. I actually discovered them while doing some branding research, and loved the strength of the […]

Google under threat – Facebook M and iOS9

Two new services from Google’s main rivals are poised to undercut Google’s ad revenue Figure 1: Credit – ZDNet; using 2013 financial data. More recent data looks even more extreme since Google’s sale of Motorola to Lenovo. Ad revenue subsidizes pretty much all of Google’s crazy adventures, from self-driving cars to creepy robots. Facebook and Apple fired two heavy […]

Talk at Reinventing Organizations Berlin

My friend Sebastian invited me to a talk by Frederic Laloux on the next paradigm for workplaces/ organizations. Here’s a YouTube video of one of his talks: Key takeaways: High complexity environments require distributed self-management; hierarchies cannot use traditional command and control. Hierarchies do emerge even in what Laloux calls “teal” organizations – his prescriptive […]

Better workplace outcomes – a page from sports science

Image credit: Daily Mail As sports leagues and teams increasingly become lucrative businesses, teams are finding significant value by paying attention to previously ignored variables. Companies outside the sporting world should take note. The English Premier League has had a massive 14% compound annual growth rate since its founding in 1992 and recently auctioned its […]