DoD tolerates human trafficking and foreign national abuse on US bases

I’m reading Sarah Stillwell’s article in the June 6th issue of the New Yorker. She spent months interviewing foreign workers on American military bases abroad. The Pentagon issues logistics contracts to big companies like Halliburton and Fluor that subcontract to smaller foreign companies. These companies then contract with recruiting firms in poor countries in Africa and South […]

Weiner will survive. Clinton did.

It’s been incredibly sad and frustrating to watch the Weiner tale unfold over the past couple weeks. Not only did Weiner commit embarrassing and foolish actions, he doubled back and attempted to cover his trail, contacting some of his online mistresses and offering PR help if they kept their mouths shut. Everyone knew something was […]

Romney talks sense on climate

Mitt Romney surprised a lot of folks this weekend by jumping off the climate-denial bandwagon. This probably makes him more appealing to independents, but might give candidates like Newt Gingrich (climate change is “the newest excuse to take control of lives” by “left-wing intellectuals”) more room with right-leaning primary voters. On a similar note, voters […]